My Story

Zsuzsika Lencses is an Australian born singer, songwriter and recording artist with a Hungarian and Polish descent. Zsuzsika has been singing she was a toddler and knew from that very young age that she wanted to be a singer and follow her dream. Zsuzsika participated in singing groups in and outside of school, and was a background singer for various bands and was in bands herself as a lead singer in one band as a hobby. Zsuzsika comes from a long line of musicians on her dad’s side of the family. Her dad was a very talented musician as he sang, played the guitar (acoustic and electric), keyboard, violin and even the saxophone and used to be in bands/duos overseas. He would often entertain guests with his music at parties. Zsuzsika’s cousins are also musicians and were also in a band.

At age 17 Zsuzsika wanted to leave high school to pursue music, however, at the time her dad didn’t let her and enrolled her into a Police school at the age of 18 to join the police force. Zsuzsika did one year of the course before she left to pursue music and completed a year of recording and composing at a tafe. Over the years Zsuzsika sang in bands as a background and lead singer however it was as a hobby and she started pursuing singing professionally in September 2017 the year her dad passed away. Zsuzsika never had any vocal training up until 2018 off and on, and now has just started at Jaanz singing school.

In 2017 January 30th Zsuzsika’s dad passed away and it changed her life. With her realising how short life is, she made the decision to start pursuing music professionally. She released her first EP ‘Start Again’ at Universal School of Music, at the end of May 2017 produced, mixed and mastered by her producer Michel Kroll. After the release of her Start Again EP Zsuzsika had an Ep release for Start Again and since then had her songs played on the radio overseas including with the award-winning Jonathon L on his show Lopsided World of L (which has been ongoing since releasing her singles). Playing on 8 radio stations on 4 continents worldwide such as the UK, Europe, USA and Asia for a period of a week. Her song Godsend, in particular, did well and was reviewed as the ‘the best thank you songs written in today’s music ever’.Other local radio stations around Australia have also played her songs followed by interviews.

Zsuzsika started writing more songs with Michel Kroll her producer and putting together the rough drafts in July 2018 and starting in August 2018 and started piano lessons and learnt how to play her song ‘Broken Heart’ too. Zsuzsika participated in and Australian talent show called ‘Fastrack Talent Showcase’ she made it to the Semi-Final and Grand Final. November 2018 Zsuzsika and Michel wrote a song ‘Storm’ ready for a single release and is to represent having a voice and speaking up for people suffering a mental illness and was released this February the 5th 2019 the song was played on Jonathon L’s show and has been pitched to several radio stations in Australia also on Spotify playlist. She also won a major award for ‘Best Original Artist’ with Universal School of music. Zsuzsika performed her original ‘Broken Heart’ singing and playing the keyboard for the song.

In November 2018 Zsuzsika was interviewed by Marcus the Motivator for his show ‘Interviews Success’ for a 30-minute interview talking about her career in music and her mission and what she hopes the future brings which was aired in January on channel 31 and replayed twice. She was also featured on Glenn Brittain’s DANCETV which will air on Channel31.

My Latest Release

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